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NAL_Social Compliance

Social Compliance Goal & Objectives Overview of Social Compliance Audit & Certification Status Supplier list HIGG Index Social Policy & Procedures Anti Harassment Anti abuse Policy Freedom of association collective Bargaining Policy Policy regarding Child & Young Labor Prohibition of Forced Labor Policy  Recruitment & Hiring Policy  Sub Contract Policy Social Compliance Reports, Certificates &

MNCL_Environmental Compliance

Air Emission Inventory Energy, Water & Chemical Consumption GHG purchased electricity GHG stationary combustion tool Wastage Inventory (Process Waste) Waste Inventory (Non-Process Waste)

NAL_Environmental Compliance

>> Air Emission Inventory >> Energy Consumption 2016 >> GHG Inventory (Diesel) 2016 >> GHG Inventory (Natural Gas) 2016 >> GHG Inventory (Purchased Electricity) 2016 >> Waste Inventory (Non-Process) 2016 >> Waste Inventory (Process) 2016 >> Water Consumption Report 2016    

ACML_Corporate Social Responsibility

ACML Profile

NAL_Corporate Social Responsibility

NAFA Profile