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Safaa Sweaters Ltd-2

Overview Safaa Sweaters Ltd is a 100% export oriented knit ready made garments manufacturing factory in Bangladesh. We specialized on Polo shirts, T-shirts, Sweat Shirt, Jacket, Basic Shirt, Trousers, Boxer, panty etc. The factories are designed with fully modern machineries to meet the world market demand. We strictly maintain safety, health, hygienic systems and all

NAL_Social Compliance

Social Compliance Goal & Objectives Overview of Social Compliance Audit & Certification Status Supplier list HIGG Index Social Policy & Procedures Anti Harassment Anti abuse Policy Freedom of association collective Bargaining Policy Policy regarding Child & Young Labor Prohibition of Forced Labor Policy  Recruitment & Hiring Policy  Sub Contract Policy Social Compliance Reports, Certificates &

MNCL_Environmental Compliance

Air Emission Inventory Energy, Water & Chemical Consumption GHG purchased electricity GHG stationary combustion tool Wastage Inventory (Process Waste) Waste Inventory (Non-Process Waste)

NAL_Environmental Compliance

>> Air Emission Inventory >> Energy Consumption 2016 >> GHG Inventory (Diesel) 2016 >> GHG Inventory (Natural Gas) 2016 >> GHG Inventory (Purchased Electricity) 2016 >> Waste Inventory (Non-Process) 2016 >> Waste Inventory (Process) 2016 >> Water Consumption Report 2016    

ACML_Corporate Social Responsibility

ACML Profile

NAL_Corporate Social Responsibility

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