Corporate Social Responsibility

Aswad Composite Mills Ltd.

Inspirational Story- Introduce of Friday Clinic as part of Higg Module Introduction: Aswad Composite Mills Ltd & Nafa Apparel Ltd both are sister concern of Palmal Group of Industries a prime supplier of World Famous Garments retailer H&M. Our factory team with the support of our local H&M Sustainable team since 2015 gradually started implementing the new method of Social & Environmental facility module under the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) Higg Index-2. Actually during the period of training, joint verification & active advice/support by H&M sustainable expertise on Higg module we are immensely benefited in regards of factory workers discipline & productivity. On our assessment all the sections of Social & Environmental module of Higg Index & SIPP helping factory management to find out & evaluate our improvement & declining area & to find out root cause instantly. Social module of Higg Index- External Engagement & Community Impact Chapter: This chapter-3 of Community Impact portion FRIDAY CLINIC facility has gave factory management real boost & motivated its implication among the all levels of workers & staffs. With the guidance & insist of our Hon’ble Managing Director & management support our 2x H&M approved Factory (Aswad Composite Mills Ltd-2 & Nafa Apparel Ltd) first introduced FRIDAY CLINIC facility with supply of required medicines for the all workers/staffs parents, spouses & children in the month of October’16 in their respective localities & received huge appreciation from all levels of workers & staffs. Now gradually we are going to enhance the facilities for all the needy locals of the factory surrounding. This Clinic we are now being arranging every alternative month. In this program we have also arranged following extra facility to support all the patients:

a. Arranged 15% discount for further diagnosis test facility for the patients with our factory approved Hospital of nearby.

b. 10% discount on further required medicine from the hospital.

c. 15% discount on further specialized doctor’s visit & prescription.

The benefit of Friday Clinic: As per our assessment following benefit we could derive out of Friday Clinic facility:

a. Workers have become more loyal to factory management.

b. Workers migration has reduced.

c. Productivity has improved.

d. Over all discipline of all level workers has improved.

e. Workers parents are also insisting workers not to leave the present factory as we are caring workers whole family.

Conclusion: Finally we can say Aswad team of Palmal group is really delighted to be the partner of H&M and to get the unique opportunity to introduce Higg Module both on Social & Environment in all our H&M facilities. We trying our level best to drive maximum benefit from the Higg module to become globally one of the best production friendly factory.