Aswad Composite Mills Ltd. (SP)

The Aswad Composite Mills Ltd. Social Compliance goal & objective is to harmonies existing efforts and deliver a common, consistent and global approach across sectors for the continuous improvement of working and environmental conditions in facility. Ensure all through the organization no violation of CoC and the clauses of the law of the country. It aims at sustainable system, capacity, infrastructure, environment & society by monitoring, taking action proportionate to risk & evaluating the overall supply chain for ensuring long term profit and business of all stakeholders.

To drive remediation of root causes of social and environmental non-compliance through continuous improvement, training and capacity building.

To achieve the targets sustainability team focuses, encourages and behaves in a proactive manner. The team believes in driving ownership, sustainability driven business performance, support beyond compliance and thus achieving some extra miles. All the activities are being performed by compliance department is the reflection of high commitment of management to ensure a global ethical standard within the business & trade.