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Safaa Sweaters Ltd, 100% export oriented knit readymade garments manufacturing factory in Bangladesh. We specialized on Polo shirts, T-shirts, Sweat Shirt, Jacket, Basic Shirt, Trousers, Boxer, panty etc. The factories are designed with fully modern machineries to meet the world market demand. We strictly maintain safety, health, hygienic systems and all other labor issues as per ILO & BGMEA and our factory is 100% socially compliant. The mission of the company committed and skilled team of production and fully pledged commercial, marketing, merchandising, sourcing and office management. To provide quality garments at a reasonable cost within definite time for the satisfaction for our customer through professional excellence by skilled management.

Safaa Sweaters Ltd. has expanded its capacity, developed a skilled management team, workforce, and integrated sophisticated technologies in order to become globally competitive.

Moreover, having endless efforts to ensure internationally accepted employment practice, our clients recognize us as a partner to protect their value system and images among final customers.

Audit reports


Company at a Glance

Safa Sweater 2 | KRC
Begumpur, BokranMonipur, Bhawl Gore, Gazipur.
Zip Code 1749
Factory Contact Person
Mr. Nur Shed Alam
Title: Deputy General Manager(Admin, HR&Compliance)
Tel: +88 02 8852969
Cell No:+880 1844 512110
Factory and Building Description
Building No. 1 (Total 184630 sq.ft)
Ground Floor(23,830 sq.ft.) = Fabric Store, Inspection & Office room, Accessories Store, Day-Care, Doctors Room, Wastage Room, Sub-Station. (23,830 sq.ft.)
1st Floor (26,800 sq.ft.) = Finished Carton Store, Idle machine, Empty carton & Leftover Garments area
2nd Floor (26,800 sq.ft.) =Sewing, Finishing, Office, Accessories Store. Maintenance Room.
3rd Floor (26,800 sq.ft.) = Sewing, Finishing, Office, Accessories Store. Maintenance Room.
4th Floor (26,800 sq.ft.) = Sewing, Finishing, Office, Dining, Prayer room (Male & Female), Central Finishing.
5th Floor (26,800 sq.ft.) = Cutting section, Sample section, Lab, Office & CAD.
6th Floor (26,800 sq.ft.) = Sewing, Finishing, Office, Accessories Store, Maintenance Room.
Building No. 2
Ground Shed =Utility (Generator, Boiler & Compressor Room).
Shed No. 1 =Security Office, Fire Control Room, Fire Pump Room.
Shed No. 2 = Fire Pump room

Production data

Total Workers : 2198 Persons (Male :944 Female:1254)
Office Staff : 71 Persons (Male :71 Female:3)
Cutting Capacity: 13,00,000 (Avg.) pcs
Sewing Capacity: 12,00,000 (Avg.) pcs
Finishing Capacity: 12,40,000 (Avg.) pcs
Total Garments Production Line: 28 Lines
Machine Per line: 32-35 all Juki & Brother brand
Followed by ILO & BGMEA working Local Laws
Safe Working & Hygienic Conditions
No Bonded Labor
Freedom of Association
Safe Working Conditions
No Child Labor
Reasonable Working Hours
Group Insurance for Worker & Employee